What is Western Herbalism?

A herbalist uses plants to heal. It can be that simple in description.

In all likelihood, there has been a herbalist in everyone’s family lineage because for a long time, that was the medicine of the people. I still believe this to be true. The elegance of plant medicine lies in its affinity for the whole person and the versatility with which it can be used – as a tea or cream, in food and of course as a tincture. Used correctly, whole plant medicine is safe, effective and strengthens the person with continued use, rather than depleting them.

Science is learning more about the constituents of individual herbs and their action on physiology. Empirical use follows the traditions handed down through the generations. We are lucky to be able to use both schools of thought to craft precise herbal remedies for you.

a flat lay of herbs, some in bowls to the left, some tied up in a bunch next to a red teapot on the right hand side.

What happens in my appointment with Heidi, your Brisbane Herbalist?

Herbalism is a large part of helping to heal your body. After you have had your inital consultation to determine what actions need to be taken, the art and science of herbalism combine to not only address symptoms but also restore and rejuvenate the organs. Working with these medicines and plant beings is always rewarding and I still get inspired with each formula!


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