Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that brings togethor several natural and traditional remedies and therapies to help the body heal itself. Naturopathy uses of a number of tools to determine the state of health of an individual and help to reduce symptoms of disease.

We use the healing power of nature and gentle, non-invasive therapies to help restore and maintain balance of the mind, body and emotions.


Nutrition is the study of what we eat, how it affects our state of health and our also our sense of well-being. Lack of proper nutrients leads to degenerative changes, and feelings of un-ease, and eventually disease.

As part of nutritional therapy, you may be asked to keep a 7 day food diary, or a food-mood-bowel diary. 

Western Herbalism

A herbalist uses plants to heal. It can be that simple in description. Used correctly, whole plant medicine is safe, effective and strengthens the person with continued use, rather than depleting them.

The art and science of herbalism combine to not only address symptoms but also restore and rejuvenate the organs.


Iridology is an amazing technique that uses the eyes to assess an individuals overall health and any areas that might need addressing.

Heidi generally finishes appointments by taking a photo of each eye and then analysing including the colours, patterns and other features of the iris to find any areas of health interest.



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