Teeccino Organic Dandelion Mocha Mint No Caf G/F 10Teabags 60g


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  • Teeccino’s famously flavourful caffeine-free herbal coffee is now gluten-free too!
  • Roasted dandelion root & chicory for authentic full-bodied taste without the acidity
  • Natural mint chocolate flavour from organic cocoa powder and peppermint leaves

Peppermint leaves and organic cocoa powder make it mint chocolate; gluten-free roasted dandelion and chicory make it mocha by emulating coffee’s bitter richness with none of its caffeine or acidity. It’s a classic crave-for taste that also serves a purpose: peppermint helps settle nervous stomachs, while dandelion and chicory stimulate digestion and provide inulin, a soluble prebiotic fibre that promotes the growth of the healthy gut bacteria so important for digestive regularity and proper nutrient absorption. The brew is also rich in the electrolyte potassium, and is equally delicious hot or over ice.



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