Perfect Potion Chakra Balancing bath soak 250g


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As you bathe in the mysterious and captivating aroma of 25 precious pure essential oils, envision yourself being purified, balanced and aligned in body, mind and spirit. Visualise each chakra as a glowing orb of light and colour, and meditate on each chakra from root to crown with an empowering, love-infused affirmation. Imagine your chakras growing stronger and brighter, radiating outwards and expanding into your auric field with a dazzling array of light and colour – clearing away any negative vibrations and blockages – empowering you to be your most grounded, creative, confident, compassionate, honest, intuitive and spiritually-attuned self. Bathe in the light, colour and aromas and close your eyes, feeling your third eye open as you heal and expand each chakra and connect to the infinite love and wisdom of the universe.



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