ORTHOPLEX WHITE Clinical Lipids 2:1 120c

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Orthoplex GIT ImmunoBiotic is a low-excipient, FODMAP-friendly gastrointestinal formula containing glutamine, slippery elm, pectin and a clinical dose of 5 billion CFU Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Boulardii) per 5g serve.


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Orthoplex Clinical Lipids 2:1 delivers a Norwegian-sourced, highly concentrated dose of 1000mg combined EPA and DHA per capsule in a 2:1 ratio. Clinical Lipids 2:1 has been scientifically developed for practitioners using the Omega-3 Index and for numerous clinical presentations including supporting healthy mood balance and relieving inflammation in healthy individuals. It has been independently verified for freshness and has undertaken testing for purity at one of the world’s leading laboratories. Orthoplex White Clinical Lipids 2:1 proudly contains:

✓ Certified, sustainable, wild-caught fish
✓ Non-GMO certified ingredients and excipients
✓ No soya oil
✓ Free from the enteric coating



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