Orgone Effects Harmonywear Faceted Suncatcher Crystal – glass


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The Harmonywear bracelets have undergone an infusion process unique to Orgone Effects® which gives them their negative charge frequency.  The infusion has a negative charge, EMF has a positive charge, which is the harmful component to any EMF field.  The negative charge balances the positive charge which then neutralises any potential EMF stress in the body.  All of the pearl bracelet is infused for EMF protection.

The elegant Harmonywear range was created for continued EMF protection while you’re out and about and away from the protection of the Geoclense® environment at home or work

By wearing the Harmonywear pendants and bracelets, your energy levels may be increased due to the supportive and strengthening effect they have on our energy fields, meridian system and vital organs, which are weakened by the various noxious EMR fields.

Harmonywear may be especially beneficial to people who are very sensitive to EMF and suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity and Chemical Sensitivity.

The Harmonywear pendants and bracelets neutralize the effects of over 30 different harmful, noxious energies



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