MEDICINE TREE Metal Chel8 Oral Spray 20ml

Please note this is a Script or Practitioner product and will not be sent until you have uploaded your script as part of the checkout process or had a practitioner appointment.

Assists in detoxification


Available on backorder



Contains equal parts of:

Alumina (Aluminium oxide) 6C
Alumina (Aluminium oxide) 30C
Cadmium sulfate 6C
Cadmium sulfate 30C
Cobalt 6C
Cobalt 30C
Copper 6C
Copper 30C
Iridium 6C
Iridium 30C
Mercury 8C
Mercury 30C
Nickel 8C
Nickel 30C
Palladium 6C
Platinum 8C
Platinum 30C
Lead 6C
Lead 30C
Tin 6C
Tin 30C
Tellurium 8C
Tellurium 30C
Uranium nitrate 8C
Uranium nitrate 30C
Vanadium 7C
Vanadium 30C

Contains Ethanol



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