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Pelvi MEDIballs Secret – Pelvic Floor Training Ball is a manual device that is used for Kegel floor exercises, it helps tone the pelvic floor muscles. The Double sized ball has been developed to further strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

MEDIballs Secret – Double can be used to prevent & treat urge and stress incontinence, treat light bladder leakage, facilitate therapeutic training of the pelvic floor following pregnancy, and increase awareness of your pelvic-floor muscles.

This product is made in Germany, discreet and designed for comfort, MEDIballs Secret’s special feature is its patented retrievable loop, which sits just up inside the body. It is 100% medical grade TPE, free from BPA’s, latex and has been clinically & dermatologically certified.

How it works

You begin training your pelvic floor with the MEDIball Single Kegel Weight. Simply holding MEDIballs inside the vaginal passage for 10 minutes a day, starts resistance training no guesswork or tricky exercises required.

After training with the MEDIballs Single you progress to the MEDIball Double Kegel Weight. This progression differs for everyone, on average most move to the MEDIballs Double after 2-3 months.

Directions for use

MEDIballs Single and Double have been designed for discrete and comfortable wear.

  • Gently insert the MEDIballs into the vagina (like a tampon). The application of lubricant can support and ease insertion.
  • The MEDIballs should be positioned deeply and almost vertically, with the retrievable loop facing downwards.
  • Training can be performed while standing, sitting or walking.
  • To remove simply pull-on retrieval loop at the base of the MEDIball.



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