BioResearch Formula SMK Spray 23ml


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Ingredients & Excipients

Contains equal parts:

Caladium seguinum 12C

Caladium seguinum 15C

Caladium seguinum 6C

Calcium phosphate 12C

Calcium phosphate 15C

Calcium phosphate 6C

Cigarette Ash Combination 12C

Cigarette Ash Combination 15C

Cigarette Ash Combination 6C

Coffea 12C

Coffea 15C

Coffea 6C

Ignatia amara 12C

Ignatia amara 15C

Ignatia amara 6C

Magnesium phosphate 12C

Magnesium phosphate 15C

Magnesium phosphate 6C

Passiflora incarnata 12C

Passiflora incarnata 15C

Passiflora incarnata 6C

Sodium phosphate 12C

Sodium phosphate 15C

Sodium phosphate 6C

in Ethanol 170mcL/ml



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