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What are Prill Beads?

Prill Beads are an all-natural organic energy enhanced water purifier and reconditioner that restructures drinking water on a cellular level to fully refresh, hydrate and revive the body. The human body is mostly water; newborn babies are 95% water, adults are 75% water and elders are 65%. Clinical studies prove that the quality of water one consumes directly affects the status of the physical state. Prill works by both altering water’s surface tension and chemical bonding to remove heavy metals and toxins that we ingest from water supplies, household and industrial chemicals, food pesticides and additives.

Prill’s super hydrating water flush toxins in cell structures.

Drinkers of super hydrating Prill water report feeling alive and refreshed with a clarity of thought and strength of mobility.

How Prill Beads Work:

Prill Beads produce water that is de-clustered to virtually single molecules of water that have the hydrogen and oxygen atoms bonded extremely close. When you drink Prill water, your need for water is reduced because you are getting the maximum benefit of the water that you drink and it is going right into the cells of your body. Precious Prills are magnesium oxide infused with Life Force. Originally created to clean up nuclear waste, they are from a new technology that allows us to make very fine “vital water” from virtually any source. This water measurably hydrates the body and has a favourable oxidation-reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body).

Precious Prills do not dissolve in water but seem to last forever. They contribute no minerals. When Prill Water, which is much like dew, replaces the energy of common water, the new liquid is technically just water. However, these molecules are smaller and do not occupy as much space as other energies. Therefore, this water is far easier for living cells to absorb, and is a much better moisturiser to the body.



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