What is Iridology?

Iridology is an amazing technique that uses the eyes to assess an individuals overall health and any areas that might need addressing. The practitioner takes a photo of the eye and then analyses the features in the iris to determine areas where intervention might be needed.

How does Heidi use Iridology in your appointment?

Heidi generally finishes appointments by taking a photo of each eye and then analysing including the colours, patterns and other features of the iris to find any areas of health interest.

“Heidi is amazing. I attended her clinic for a health review which included an iridology scan and was surprised with the amount of information uncovered just looking at my eyes. Heidi is extremely knowledgable with a calm and caring approach, really taking the time to explain what was uncovered and ways to treat it. I left feeling like I had answers to my health concerns and a good plan to turn my health around.”


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