Nutrition is the study of how what we eat, affects our state of health and our sense of well-being. Lack of proper nutrients leads to degenerative changes, and feelings of un-ease, and eventually disease.

As part of nutritional therapy, you may be asked to keep a 7 day food diary, or a food-mood-bowel diary.

Changes in bowel movements, energy levels, digestive symptoms, mood, skin conditions, poor immunity, breathing difficulty, can all be attributed to foods which that body does not know how to digest or utilise.

Deficiencies of certain nutrients leave signs for a nutritionist to observe, such as spots on nails, pale tongue, etc. Similarly, excess consumption of certain foods can also produce signs or symptoms, which when the food is removed or limited, disappear.

Once a deficiency or excess is corrected, the body quickly has a chance to restore balance. How do we know it has worked? Usually, we can’t remember feeling a particular pain, or feeling depressed when we’re better! Therefore documenting symptoms at the beginning of treatment and as it progresses, is important.

We use vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and probiotics to supply what is deficient, to gain results quickly. The diet is addressed and meal options are given to help make changes.

Initial consultation $120

Subsequent Consultation $50 for 30 minutes

                                                     $70 for 1 hour