Alps Water Filter

Some facts about the water you drink

Contaminated water is real – each year in Australia there are violations to the Safe Drinking Water Act – involving over 20 percent of water treatment facilities – so the more you know about your water the better you can protect your family.

According to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines: “drinking water should ideally be, clear, colourless, and well aerated with no unpalatable taste or odours, it should contain no suspended matter, harmful chemical substances or pathogenic micro-organisms”. Despite these guidelines, our water supplies come to us at the point of consumption with many undesirable qualities.

Some of the contaminants an ALPS water filtration system can remove:

Aluminum – There are clear links between aluminium & Alzheimer’s Disease. Aluminium also raises the acidity of water.

Bacteria & Protozoa – Examples include E.Coli, Coliforms, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.

Cadmium – Accumulates in the body over a long period & may cause stomach cramps, kidney & liver damage.

Chlorine – Used for the treatment of water supplies to eliminate many waterborne diseases

Fluoride – The addition of fluoride to municipal water is banned in many nations but not Australia. Linked to many long-term health defects such as compromised thyroid and immune system degeneration. In high doses is lethal.

Organic chemicals – Many of these originate from pesticides, weed killers, commercial & domestic waste.

Pharmaceuticals – Include pharmaceutical drugs, ingredients in cosmetics, food supplements, other personal care products associated with recycled water, and many other chemicals we may not be aware of.

Why drink ALPS filtered water?

Drinking fresh clean chemical-free, structured, energised,
and alkalised ALPS water you will gain these benefits and more:

  • Great tasting, clean water
  • Less bloating due to removal of contaminants
  • Increase bodily hydration due to micro-clustering of the
    water molecules
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less stress and fatigue
  • Better skin complexion
  • Less stress and fatigue
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration
  • Healthier digestion
  • Improved circulation


is a natural gravity-fed water the filtration system that is designed to remove all types of contaminants in tap water via an eleven-stage
filtration process. Lab tests conducted by Cairns Regional Council showed almost no detectable sodium fluoride levels, or any other harmful or
dangerous chemicals.

The ALPS water filter represents a NATURAL, simple, easily maintained, and cost-effective apparatus that will provide you with a consistent supply of clean, refreshing drinking water, essential for general health, longevity, and quality of life.

Assembly is simple along with a straightforward maintenance routine. all parts and components are inexpensive and readily available. Usually, domes and cartridges are replaced every 6 to 9 months, depending upon your tap water quality and quantity used. Mineral stones are generally replaced every 12 to 18 months.

And together with the (optional) use of PRILL BEADS*, the result is always fresh, clean, chemical-free, structured, energised, and alkalised, high-quality drinking water at your fingertips, 24/7.

The ALPS Eleven-Stage Filtration System

  1. Dome Ceramic Filter with 0.2-micron silver particles. Purifies water from rust, dust, sand, silt, and bacteria such as cholera, typhoid & coliforms.
  2. Silver Activated Carbon (1st layer of cartridge). Absorbs chemicals and traps dirt, rust, silt, and chlorine.
  3. Zeolite (2nd layer of cartridge). Softens water. Adsorbs heavy metals and harmful elements such as Fluoride.
  4. Silica sand (3rd layer of cartridge). Promotes healthy bone, connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Ion Exchange Resin (4th layer of cartridge). Traps fluoride atoms and neutralises them.
  6. Mineral Sand (5th layer of cartridge). Replenishes minerals lost during the purification process
  7. Far Infra-Red Ceramic Balls (6th layer of cartridge). Help soften water and raise pH levels. (To raise further and stabilise pH, PRILL BEADS* are required)

8-9. Mineral stones in the bottom of the unit keep the water fresh, alkaline, and mineralised. Also bacteria and virus-free.

10. Magnetic water Faucet. The magnets help restore the water’s natural energy balance and micro cluster the water for optimal hydration.

(Optional 11th stage – Highly recommended)
To Raise the pH of ALPS filtered water even further to around pH 8.0 and stabilise it, PRILL BEADS must be used. Two bags of Prill Beads are required for the unit at a cost of $100 and can be ordered from our website. Prill Beads last a LIFETIME, so they are a one-time purchase. Their benefits are truly amazing!

What are Prill Beads?

Prill Beads are an all-natural organic energy enhanced water purifier and reconditioner that restructures drinking water on a cellular level to fully refresh, hydrate, and revive the body. Precious Prills are magnesium oxide infused with Life Force. Originally created to clean up nuclear waste, they are from a new technology that allows us to make very fine “vital water” from virtually any source. This water measurably hydrates the body and has a favourable oxidation-reduction potential (reduces free radicals in the body).

How Prill beads Work:

The human body is mostly water; Prill works by both altering water’s surface tension and chemical bonding to remove heavy metals and toxins that we ingest from water supplies, household and industrial chemicals, food pesticides and additives. Prill Beads produce water that is de-clustered to virtually single molecules of water. When you drink Prill water, your need for water is reduced because you are getting maximum hydrative benefit from the water as it is going right into the cells of your body.

What does Prill Water Do?

  • Prill beads take out fluoride and chlorine leaving you with pure glacial water.
  • Prill hydrates and moisturizes the cells.
  • Promotes age reversal
  • Reduces wrinkles, age spots
  • Because it’s thin water it helps the body absorb H20
  • Cleans pit environmental toxins
  • Gives the body life force (yinergy)
  • Cam reduce the need for some supplements
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Supports your health and beauty
  • Can improve the libido
  • Cleans up Mother Earth

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